Mundial Montreal

mundial162016 Mundial Montreal

Dates: November 15 – 18, 2016
City: Montreal, Quebec

SRO Involvement:

  • APPOINTMENTS: To schedule a meeting at the conference, contact attending SRO Agents, AnneMarie Martins, or call (608)664-8160.
  • ARTIST SHOWCASE! 10:30pm Wednesday Nov. 16 Villalobos Brothers presents their high-octane, contemporary Mexican music during the ‘Music Without Borders’ Showcase at Café Campus (57 Prince Arthur E.); additional independent showcasing may be announced.
  • ARTIST SHOWCASE! 8pm Friday Nov. 18 Niyaz presents their new, immersive multi-media show “The Fourth Light Project” at Théâtre Outremont (1248 Bernard Ave. West); additional independent showcasing may be announced.
  • PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT… topics and participating SRO staff may be announced.